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DIgital Sculpting is my work and passion. The modeling of creatures, characters, etc. ... are some of my specialties.


I sculpt on various scales and I have experience in the miniature modeling too. I have been commissioned to create works for miniature brands, public and private collectors and companys. 


I entered the world of 3D and traditional sculpture, studying at my local art school for 3 years.


At the same time I entered the world of digital media and learned to manage 2D and 3D software that allowed me to hone my art on my computer.


Soon I felt the need to take it further and express the 2D physically in three-dimensions. That’s why I chose sculpture as a means of artistic expression.


Through sculpture I could express myself much more, plus I felt comfortable with the materials, techniques and tools used in sculpture.


One day I discovered the world of figures based on movies, video games, comics, TV series, etc ... and that was the moment when I discovered what I really wanted to do:  Give life through sculpture to all those beings, characters, creatures, scenes, etc ... that have enraptured me throughout my life and now, with the experience, knowledge and the means I have acquired over the years, I can make it happen.


Great sculptors such as Andy Bergholtz, Ray Villafane, Martin Canale, Randy Bowens, Erik Sosa, the Shiflett brothers and Mark Newman among others, have helped me, through their work, to discover the wonderful world of sculpture and make it my passion and my profession.


Skills: 3D Modeling, Clay modeling, miniatures, toy concepts, Fantasy art, creatures, prototypes

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