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"Rick is a very talented and sensitive artist who can sculpt statues with soul and feelings. True multitalented artist with patience who doesn't stop until the client is happy and the work is not perfectly done"
Victor Racz
CEO / Founder at Magic Reality Miniatures

Miniature Sculpting

• Do you have a design and you want to create a miniature sculpture from it ?


• Need to create figures for your Tabletop Game?


• Do You want to have a miniature sculpture with different configurations of accessories and poses options 


• It does not matter if you are a company or an individual , if you can imagine it, I can create it.

Character design

No matter the style you need, Steampunk, Fantasy, Blood bowl, Historical, Futuristic, SCIFI, etc ...
Give me your idea and I will turn it into reality. In any scale.
If you do not have a Concept Art, do not worry, I can design your character in 3D from photographic references of each of the elements that compose it and advise you to create a character that suits your original idea.

Prop & Weapons Sculpting

• You need to create weapons for your characters?


• Do You have a scene and you want to create props to improve it?


• Do You want to complete or add options to your figures ?


• Flags , Arms, Bags , Barrels , custom Bases for figures , etc ...


• Everything is possible, you decide what you need for your figures.

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